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George DeVillar

George DeVillar

Georgetown, TX
Real Estate Agent
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 ~~George was referred to us by a member of our congregation. He guided us through the purchase of our first church home with comprehensive knowledge and a very supportive style. He was both a tough and wise advocate on our behalf. He was always positive and respectful to all parties involved in the transactions. We are pleased to recommend his services to any and all real estate transactions. We definitely plan to call upon him for any future sales and/or purchases We met George DeVillar through a friend and could not be more delighted with our experience. From start to finish, George was there to help us achieve our goals. All along the way he was always available, cordial, considerate, knowledgeable and pleasant to be with. After our home construction was completed, he helped us with our walk through to check for minor defects for the builder to take care of before closing, and of course, he was there at our closing. He was great! We are pleased to highly recommend DeVillar Properties services

How do you thank a neighbor, friend and your neighbor for selling your house in 2 weeks!!!! 
How do you thank someone for making sure you understand all aspects of the selling process. 
We know we had the best agent!!!!! George presented our house using several types of medium - open houses, newspapers, flyers, virtual tour on the multiple listing, and his home web sight. Without his eagerness to market our home 
I feel our home might still be on the market!!! 
Thanks so much George for all your hard work and putting up with your crazy client!!!!"

"I am so thankful that we met George at an open house after our relocation to Georgetown, TX. He was the first realtor in our area who took an interest in helping us to find our new home, not just make a sale. He was kind and thorough. I had no doubt that he was looking out for our best interest at every step of the way. Thanks George!"

"Two years ago we went to an open house where George DeVillar was the host. We told him that we were a couple of years away from buying, so he knew we were "just looking". He answered lots of questions and was so friendly and informative that we remembered him. 
In December our house in another state sold and we were ready to buy. I had lost George's card and couldn't remember his name. We were just driving around one afternoon and there was a For Sale with George's picture and name. I said stop quick because I want to write this number down. While I was writing George came out of the house and was blown away that we remembered him and wanted him to help us find a home. 
I am so happy we chose George DeVillar. Through rain and wind and freezing weather, through my tears and numerous mind changes, George hung in there...always patient, always informative and always supportive. From 20 acre tumble down ranch properties to upscale two bedroom houses in senior communities, George was always willing to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see. He researched every place and was ready to tell us the pros and cons. I never felt pressured to buy. 
We would go to George again in a heartbeat. We were buyers, but I watched and listened how he treated his sellers and how much he promotes their properties. When the time comes for us to sell, I would be thrilled to list with him. 
Yesterday we closed on a house that was just right for us. Size, location and price are perfect. We have George DeVillar to thank for that and now consider him a valued friend."

"George DeVillar had a challenge in marketing/selling our home in a "down" market. We were surprised to learn the importance of the Internet in selling homes today. George definitely has skills in knowing how to use the Internet in selling a home. Our buyer from Alaska saw our home on the Internet. Thus, George did bring buyers to our house. Of more importance was his familarity with the subdivision. I am confident no other Realtor with listings in our neighborhood were aware of how it interfaced with the Georgetown 30 year plan or knew there were three different CC&R's in the neighborhood. Because our property backed up to a ranch, these aspects (future usage) and CC&R's were of interest to potential buyers. In addition to demonstrating imagination and creativity, he worked diligently in having open houses and being there for the many acitivities occuring after an offer had been made. Included in these activites were unforseen problems. In the past I have not had good experiences with Realtors or said kind things about them. Thus, these comments are made from the perspective of seeing a Realtor's demonstrated actions and not just talk. I highly recommend him."

"George did a wonderful job on the purchase and sale of our homes. He is very hard working and made this an enjoyable experience for us. I would highly recommend George to anyone. Thank you!"

"George Devillar handled the sale of our previous home and the location of our new home in a most professional, friendly, and precise manner. My wife and I are quite particular about all things. George availed himself to us at all times and was always prompt in returning calls and providing pertinent information. 
We would and will use George's services any time we want to buy or sell property. We wholeheartedly recommend him."

"We put our faith in George to represent us in both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old one. Our expectations going in were high, and I can say with full confidence that he exceeded all of our expectations. When houses in our neighborhood were sitting on the market for months, ours was under contract after the first week for full asking price. Not only did we get full asking price, but our house sold at the highest price per square foot in all of east Georgetown. When we hit adversity prior to closing, which is more common than not these days, George assisted with courtesy, professionalism, and attention to detail. I don’t think we could have made it through without him. I can, and do, recommend George to anyone looking 
to buy or sell a house."

"George was very professional and did a great job for us. He was tech savy, very responsive and did a great job marketing our home. We would recommend George as the best realtor we have ever had."

"We would highly recommend George! He did a great job with both selling our home and assiting us with a new constuction purchase. From start to finish George was professional, thorough, and always looking out for our best interest."

"We were so happy that George represented us with the sale of our home. His communication, knowledge and professionalism was everything we had hoped for in a real estate agent."

"Tireless, dedicated, experienced, thorough and personable are just a few words to describe George DeVillar. He did an excellent job in helping us locate and purchase our new home. His unsurpassed listening skills helped us to determine what our needs and interests were in finding the right house and property for us. His professionalism and extensive knowledge in all real estate matters were immediately evident. When we needed any information, George always found it and quickly followed up on every detail. Through every step of our real estate transaction, including our closing experience, George consistently performed to a much higher level than we could have ever imagined. With his knowledge and experience in the real estate market, George enabled us to make a well-educated and wise decision in buying our home. 

Gwen and I highly recommend George DeVillar to anyone interested in buying or selling their home."

"George is very personable, efficient, hard-working, "slave driver", and very professional. If you looked up "professional realtor" in the dictionary you would see a picture of George. 
We had had a bad experience with our first realtor and were somewhat disillusioned about getting our house sold (it had been on the market for 5 months with no offers). A friend mentioned George - we called him - he came out the next day. He had done a good bit of research - before we had ever met him in person and him not knowing if we would sign with him or not. After talking with George, we did sign a contract with him. This was a very smart decision on our part! I had kidded with him about selling our home in two weeks - he actually had it sold in 8 days! After signing with George, we asked him what WE needed to do to get the house sold and he gave us very detailed instructions. We removed furniture, moved furniture, and generally made the house look more neutral, spacious, and inviting. This is after we had earlier had a professional stager come out and look it over - and who told us it looked fine the way it was! George pushed us hard and he also pushed himself hard. He was on the phone or visited in person every day. 
 All the way through the process George was always there and took over most of the details, resolving issues before we even knew there were issues. In the end we now consider him a personal friend, which is more than most people can comprehend about discussing a real estate agent. 
Make no mistake about it, he does WALK ON WATER and LEAPS TALL BUILDINGS IN A SINGLE BOUND."

"George DeVillar of DeVillar Properties assisted us for a 3rd time May 2012 in the purchase of 23 acres next to our property. When we purchased our current country home with 12.75 acres in June 2009, we decided not to purchase the additional 23 acres. George put in our contract that we had first right of refusal if someone tried to purchase the 23 acres. We received a certified letter that someone was trying to purchase the land and had 5 days to respond. Using George's expertise, he guided us through the decision and process of bidding on the 23 acres. With his advice, our second bid was chosen by the owner and the property was ours within the same week. His knowledgeable services once again for the 3rd time were invaluable to us. We highly recommend George DeVillar to others after using him 3 times to 1. purchase a house in 2009, 2. sell a house in 2010, and 3. purchase land in 2012. His professionalism in his job is exceptional."

"My husband and I were very blessed to have been able to work with George Devillar on finding a home as we are relocating to Georgetown Tx from Iowa. As a fellow Realtor and as a buyer, I can truly say that our experience with George was superb. He is highly professional, experienced in his business, and is very personable to work with. He listened to our needs, showed us a good variety of properties that met our criterial and we did this on short notice. He got us through all the right processes / forms and things were done in a timely, orderly manor. I was impressed with his honest work ethic, something I look for when working with clients as well. He was very fair working with us in this transaction, as he worked as an intermediary. We felt very comfortable working with George and would recommend him to anyone."

"George Devillar is among the best realtors in the area. He is hardworking, diligent and honest. We think that the extra effort George provides with his marketing made the difference in the sale of our home in this down market. 
 No other realtor that we interviewed utilizes so much media to market your home. George uses all the tried and true traditional methods to market your home, MLS listing, newspaper ads, signs, flyers, open houses, etc. But, George adds to that, TV listings on Suddennet, extensive internet marketing, placement of links to your home on various web sites such as, zillow, truilia, craigslist, etc. This is how people find homes now and George understands that. 
The vitural tour and pictures provided by George were so professional and well done, that I wanted to buy my own house. 
In summary, I don't think that you can find a more diligent, more honest Realtor out there and I would highly reccomend George Devillar."

"When my husband and I started looking for a house in the Round Rock area, we thought we could do everything by ourselves. We had the internet, several realtor web sites, and a general idea of what we were looking for. Together we narrowed down our search and started visiting open houses. It was at one of these where we met George DeVillar. Instantly, I knew that we should use George as our realtor. He was courteous, friendly and professional. As our search continued, George was more than happy to accommodate our schedule, without pressure, and always with a warm smile. He knew when to show up with printouts of available homes, when to offer a little friendly advice, and when to just let us take some time to think. It turns out that even with our websites and email, it was George coming to us one day saying he went for a walk and found a house that we just had to see. Every home we had visited, he had listened to our comments. A house we had passed over on paper, turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. And now we own our dream home! I know it wouldn’t have been found without George going that extra mile. "

"It was a pleasure to work with George DeVillar. He really knew the market and all the "Ins & Outs" of putting a property up for rent. He really made me feel that he had my best interests in mind at all times. I really appreciated his suggestions on how to get the house ready, and how to best attract a client. I also really liked the way he stayed on top of things. He provided very useful feedback from showings, and once we had a prospective tenant, he made sure we dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. I would highly recommend Mr. DeVillar to anyone in the real estate market, whether they be looking to rent/sell a property, or looking to rent/purchase. George is very professional and delivers the complete package. "

"Ted and Donna McLemore have been involved. in the real estate market for the last 40 years and George DeVillar gave us the most professional service we have ever received. We would recommend him to anyone for their real estate needs. If George told us anything, we knew it was truthful. His honesty and integrity is above reproach."

"Mr.Devillar was wonderful to work with. He was patient and informative and was able to explain the complexities of buying a house to a first time home buyer who didnt have a clue.I would recommend him to all my family and friends. 
Thanks for your help George"

"We really appreciate all you did to help sell our home. Your patience, thoroughness and attention to detail made the whole process run smoothly. You were a great intermediary for all the various people and organizations we had to deal with all the way through the closing. Your marketing efforts kept a steady and reliable stream of clients coming through our home for showings. Thanks again for all your efforts! "

"We were most pleased with the efforts that George put into the selling of our property. In the past, we have found listing agents and selling agents. Contrary to "listing" our property only, he took a very active role is "selling" the property, as well, by hosting open houses, keeping a fresh clean supply of flyers in the sale box, and bringing as many lookers as any other agent. We appreciate his efforts a great deal. "

"We would like to compliment George Devilar on our recent real estate transaction with him and his company. If you need a true real estate person please trust in his ability to get things done.. below is a summary of what he did!!! 
We negoitated into an investment contract and was set to close within 30 days, however due to Fannie Mays new regulations we were told we needed to extend the closing for 2 weeks in order for the bank to research more about the property,(they could find no comparisons in order to do an appraisal) George came thru and followed up with the lender and made sure it would go to closing, however on the day before closing we were notified again because of a new law in lending, we again had to postpone the closing, again George did all of the follow up needed to get to closing. Once again we were notified that because of another new law as to any funds being used for closing, the bank needed a paper trail as to where the funds were coming from(by the way it was cash we deposited from our bank to theirs, however this was not good enough so we had to prove how we accumlated the cash), again George interceded and finally got the closing completed. 
Thank You George."

"George was an exceptional realtor! He really took the time to get to know us and figure out what type of home we were looking for. He went above and beyond his job as a realtor, taking time out of his schedule at the last minute to show us homes when we were coming in from out of town one weekend. He even took time to preview the homes the morning before so that he could tell us about them. He was very knowledgeable about the various communities and was great with his advice. I would not hesitate to highly recommend George to anyone!"

"From listing to closing, our experience with George was a pleasurable one. We appreciated his real estate savvy and implementation of current technologies in the marketing of our property, but were most impressed by his tireless effort to ensure a smooth and successful transaction while remaining a compassionate professional throughout the entire process. We will send family and friends to him in complete confidence."

"George is such a great realtor and person. 
We recently bought a home in Georgetown,TX 
At the time we were living in Corpus Christi,TX. 
We came to the Austin area and went to a open house that George was hosting and boy we met the right person . He was great, he listened to our needs and researched all the posibilities. We found a home right away and quickly found out how hard he worked on every detail of the transaction. George made it a GREAT experience for us... and we would recommend 
him to everyone.."

111 Rain Lily (Sun City) "George was patient, yet persistent when needed, personable, and always professional. Since my mother had already moved out of the house in Georgetown and to Dallas to live with me and my wife, George recommended vendors for needed repairs and services for the house and gave them access as needed. George's advice on the listing price and on negotiations with the eventual buyers was timely and proved to be accurate. 

We are very grateful for George's help."

108 Oak Breeze Cv (Shady Oaks Estates) "Our home sold in less than 2 months. We believe it sold so quickly because of our realtor, George DeVillar. He is knowledgeable and helpful and knows our neighborhood because he lives here. He was never too busy to answer questions or to make suggestions on how to get our home ready to sell. We would highly recommend George to any friends or relatives in the area who want to buy or sell a home."

510 Hidden Brook (Teravista) "We highly recommend George DeVillar. We've used George 4 times now, once to sell our house, twice to find us a house to lease and most recently, to purchase our new home. 
In each case, George has been nothing but the consummate professional. He's handled all the details flawlessly and always seems to be a step ahead. 
Also we've appreciated the updates and feedback from George during the process which keeps us abreast of changes or progress. 
You can't do better"

174 Whispering Wind (Sun City) "George DeVillar is a great agent. I was looking for an agent I trusted and I found that agent in George DeVillar. He had full knowledge of the area and the real estate market. He was very accessible by, email, telephone and in person. He worked hard for us until we found just the house we were looking for."

301 Champions Dr (Berry Creek) "Selling a house in difficult economic times is hard on the mind and pocketbook. George was extremely helpful and kept us up to date on the local scene. Since we were absentee owners, George helped us with repairs and updating. Our house was advertised everywhere in print and online.

We would choose George again, although he might not take us back. We were a little testy at the end.

I encourage others to use George, he is the most professional Realtor we have had in 48 years of buying and selling homes."


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